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و همکاران در سطح جهانی با بالاترین استاندارد حرفه اي كار ميكنند.IMC

Our Philosophy

IMC Ltd aims to create profitable business around the world based on partners of personal relations that fall into the category of utmost integrity and excellence. We will be accountable for our conduction and responsibility towards the Countries we work with.

When we receive raw materials from a country, we would like to give something back to the people of that country.
We want to show that our words will be followed by corresponding action.

We want to represent Business that is bringing positive attention to our involved partners. We want to be responsible to the specific countries environment protection program no matter where we are represented in the world.

Coorporate Social Responsibility

MC Ltd wants their employees to look forward coming to work. We want to create a working environment that is inspiring and opens up for self-responsibility that makes people strive for better creativity, openness,  clarity, knowledge, work tools improvement, workflow improvement, social/team relations, social activities, individual adaption, family integration, intelligent bonus rewarding, rules for behavior internal and external, foundation for moral and ethics behavior.

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