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و همکاران در سطح جهانی با بالاترین استاندارد حرفه اي كار ميكنند.IMC

IMC can supply
Buyer requirements

We can provide Icumsa 45 in 12.500MT amounts as this is minimum vessel loaded with dedicated sugar. We work with prices as CFR. We can deliver in SPOT or CONTRACT. A contract is a delivery over 12 month and minimum contract delivery is then 12 times 12.500MT. Any contract must be able to be divided with 12.500MT. Any delivery less than 12 month delivery is categorized as a SPOT. A SPOT price is substantially higher than a contract. When the final contract is signed and the LC is accepted the delivery time is between 30-45 days.

To be taken seriously as a buyer you must be able to provide an ICPO/LOI combined with a BCL. Our procedures will secure every step of the trade. And our performance bond will ensure that any missing delivery will compensate your costs. Please make sure that your approach with ICPO/LOI reflects our specs and procedures.

Specifications and procedures (Click at the links below)
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