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و همکاران در سطح جهانی با بالاترین استاندارد حرفه اي كار ميكنند.IMC

Oil supplying
Oil production
Oil facilitating

IMC has proven to be positioned as a trustworthy partner at Government level in several oil countries. IMC are directly connected to refineries and well known buyers all over the world. We chose our buyers from our trusted and proven network and work with outmost integrity and discretion.

IMC ltd are close to accomplish ownership of their own Oil sources and own refinery. IMC Ltd are co-owner of a new patented Land Oil-pump that will have a major impact on the Oil-pump market. In addition we work closely with our partner who are very strong in upgrading Refineries and Building Oil storage tanks. Furthermore we sell secondhand refineries and other Oil equipment.

IMC are sometimes buying from other parties with the intent to facilitate needs from our buyer network. IMC sometimes facilitate proven oil sources from other places around the world.

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