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و همکاران در سطح جهانی با بالاترین استاندارد حرفه اي كار ميكنند.IMC

Private projects

IMC takes in private projects as large scale buildings and houses. IMC and partners also wants to do office buildings, resorts, hotels, parking houses and other large projects.
IMC have no limits in size as the project has projects financing in a satisfactory form.

We are also willing to look at projects were we are the investor for the whole project.

Let us know if you have interesting building projects and tell us what we can do for you.

We are willing to start projects internationally as long as the customer can provide a bank guarantee from a top 25 world bank. In most cases we are willing to put a performance bond, dollar for dollar, up agains the bank guarantee.
We do the rest of the financing and construction for the project.

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