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و همکاران در سطح جهانی با بالاترین استاندارد حرفه اي كار ميكنند.IMC

Governmental projects

IMC Ltd and partners are open towards Government projects. We are interested in all kind of infra-structural projects that have a substantial size. We can build subways, airports/cargo airports, roads, railroads, sport arenas, conference centers, administration buildings. Every larger project will be considered by IMC Ltd. Every project that have a larger size will be considered by IMC.

IMC & partners consider the best construction method due to technique, material and time to ensure our customer to get profitable projects. Construction time saved is equal to lower cost. Any Government in the world is welcome and IMC Ltd welcome your approach for new challenging construction projects.

For larger governmental projects we typically finance the project based on a government guarantee. Project can be financed based on a agreement of future payments. We aim to find the best suitable solution for our customers.

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